You are invited to a space for multidisciplinary Creation

As a creative Tribe, we have always been hosts and creators of spaces that house the best of design, that expand our IMAGINATION and help us envision new possible worlds. We seek paths that challenge convention and invite us to dream in other shapes, in other textures, guided by our mission to RECONNECT with nature, art, and ancestry.


Bazaar IK by AZULIK is space where this philosophy materializes. Artisanal products made in our workshops with processes that reduce our environmental impact invite us to DISCOVER  a new relationship with objects and with our surroundings.

We let intuition guide us. Inspired by an ANCIENT heritage, our macramé, ceramic, wood and glass pieces, as well as our garments, capture the knowledge that resides in the hands of the ARTISANS. There are no constraints, just experimentation that leads to purely original design.

Our UNIVERSE, from the WORKSHOPS to your HOME.

Bazaar IK by AZULIK presents an alternative to throw-away culture. We resist disposable consumerism with high-quality, durable, handmade products imbued with the INSPIRATION and culture of their creators. At the same time, it is a space for you to get closer to AZULIK’s worldview and take a piece of our UNIVERSE with you through bespoke interior design and product services. 

We put our creative expertise at your disposal to make you part of the TRIBE  and share our vision with you no matter where you are. Whether you choose to visit our physical SHOWROOM, located within AZULIK Tulum, or explore this DIGITAL SHOP, you will find original pieces that speak to you. You will also be able to get our designers and architects to help you create the space you have always dreamed of. 


You are about to find a deeper BOND with design. We want your home and wardrobe to be what you always imagined: creative, harmonious, RESPECTFUL of the environment, unique, and full of history and meaning.


If you wish to visit Bazaar IK:

Opening hours:

Daily, 11 am - 7 pm