Long sleeve T-shirt / Long sleeve blouses Re-vibe

48 USD


Send us your beloved piece and we will transform it for you in this unique manner.

Wearing a poem frozen in time reminds us of the ephemeral nature of beauty. Our Slow Fashion designs make us reflect on the importance of creative processes and their spiritual impact.

know the different options you have for your garment

Available Dyes

Yellow (Turmeric)
Blue (Indigo)
Violet (Black Bean)
Beige (Chamomile Tea)
Green (red onion) Red / Pink (Grana Cochineal)
Purple - (Grana cochineal with indigo)
Coffee / Orange (Sapote Bark)
Rosa (Avocado)
Dyed with flowers (The tones vary between yellow, pink and green)

Available Stones

Rio pearls
Tiger's Eye
Red Jasper
Variety of stones

    Available Technique 

    Tie Dye Shibori Style Dyeing
    Gradient dyed
    Dyed hammered flower
    Illustration and textile intervention
    Simple illustration with flowers
    Flower hammered base, gradient and illustration with poem



    Made in Mexico