In Search of the Meaning of Artisanal Design

Artisanal design is full of soul. The skill of the artisans, the wisdom that emanates from their hands, is a wonderful gift capable of gifting us incredible pieces. Their ability to communicate and materialize stories with their work is absolutely fascinating. At the same time, we know that there are many people around the world who appreciate this type of design and who are looking for ways to connect with this kind of craft.

That is why we created AZULIK E-Shop, a space to share our philosophy with people from all over the world. In the AZULIK Uh May workshops, a talented team of artisans take our worldview, based on nature, ancestral wisdom and art, and transform it into objects that carry this essence.

Our places of creation are surrounded by jungle. Immersed in nature, we produce unique pieces of macrame, ceramic, wood and glass intuitively, guided by genuine inspiration. There are no constraints. Everything is experimental in a process of trial, error and spontaneity where materials and artistic techniques are combined.

AZULIK E-Shop is your digital access to this world. It is a virtual sideboard that reconnects us with intangible heritage and with nature. We propose a timeless design for those looking for deeper ties with objects. Our products incite a dialogue with the material that is not purely aesthetic, but rather reflects a way of understanding the world.

We promote an alternative and cosmopolitan lifestyle, aware of our collective environmental impact and the value of multiculturalism. At the same time, we seek not only to satisfy needs but to create links on an intellectual and artistic level between people and pieces that project their way of seeing the world.

Each piece is a story, a fragment of our universe that can be yours wherever you are.