A Place That Is Alive: How Mayan Cosmogony Inspired Us to Design Living Spaces

Every culture has an origin story. In each civilization, there is a creation myth that gives meaning and identity to a tribe. It binds communities together and, through a common genesis, ties them to a shared fate.

These original myths are the inspiration of Bazaar IK’s first collection which fittingly enough, explores our origin as a shop and center for interior design. Tied to the Maya culture, the millenary people of the land where our dream began, we have been inspired by concepts and traditions that stem from the very core of this fascinating civilization. Simultaneously, in a time when the ongoing pandemic has forced us to spend more time than ever at home, we have looked for different ways of breathing life into our personal spaces.

The ancient Maya had a powerful word, winaq, which means “a being that is alive and that complements the rest of the life on the planet”. We are all winaq. Not only humans but every creature that walks the Earth and that comes from nature, like ourselves.

Thus. Maya cosmogony considers everything part of a whole. Our environment is not static and nothing is inert. All being are complementary and we exist thanks to the relationships between one another. Everything needs to be fed and nurtured, and that energy will cycle to keep the entire system alive.

Our origin collection captures this philosophy. Each object has been created as a living entity. We have developed an interior design concept that makes our home, rather than a space, a being with a throbbing heat. Now that we have been forced to spend most of our time inside, we can appreciate for a home to feel like a creature with whom we have a symbiotic relationship. 

In this first collection, we delve deeper into our creative pillars or inspiration. Nature and ancestry come together to allow our team of artisans to create art. But not any kind of art. The type that is alive and that will take this ancient vitality into a space you call your own.


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